Email Diamant - Formule Rouge L'original Toothpaste 75ml


Email Diamant - Replenium Toothpaste


REPLENIUM toothpaste is the solution to help regenerate the enamel * and restore its whiteness and shine.

The acidity of certain foods and drinks attacks your teeth by eroding their surface. Over time, the enamel becomes brittle: micro-cracks appear on the surface, in which the stains and dental plaque settle. Teeth become tarnished and lose their natural shine.

REPLENIUM ™ toothpaste is the solution to help regenerate enamel * and restore whiteness and shine:

Action 1: A purified mouth. An optimum level of bicarbonate (35%) for an intense cleaning and purifying action, helping to remove dental plaque and surface stains. Action 2: Email regenerated * and protected. * Patented Calcium Liquid ™ technology promotes the regeneration of enamel by restoring its mineral content with regular brushing.

Associated with the active fluorine, it prevents demineralization of the enamel and strengthens it.

Better protected, smoother, your teeth are stronger, brighter and whiter.

Enamel surface regenerated * from 1 month: clinical test on 58 people, twice-daily use. Whiter teeth from 2 weeks: use test on 107 people.

Contains sodium fluoride. Not suitable for children under 7 years old.

About Email Diamant:

120 years of whiteness expertise At the end of the 19th century, Annette and Jean-Baptiste Barreau ran a fashion store in Paris and were the first to offer their customers toothpaste "from the chemist John Walton of Philadelphia". In 1915, they launched the now famous "Red Formula", on which appears a photo of their son André, a young lyric singer, in a Figaro costume in Le Barber de Seville, and not in a bullfighter as is so often believed.

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It is an exquisite experience. I have used Rouge L'Original toothpaste for many years. Nothing in my opinion quite matches.