Gallinée - Face Vinegar


Gallinée - Face Vinegar

50ml | 200ml

Toner but so much better!

Reset your skin with the Gallinée Face Vinegar

The best toner for sensitive skin and for oily skin, specially formulated to purify and tone without stripping the skin (potential risk of using undiluted at-home ACV skincare remedies). After cleansing away any bad bacteria, it works by eliminating dead skin cells and allowing for the better absorption of good bacteria and other ingredients in the rest of your skincare routine.

The Face Vinegar contains Actibiome, a novel prebiotic that works to calm stressed skin and prevent it from further irritations alongside gentle postbiotic acids that allow the skin’s beneficial bacteria to flourish.

The second active ingredient is the Hibiscus-infused Apple Cider Vinegar. This toning ingredient improves skin in three distinct ways:

1.Purification: Rich in acetic acid, with astringent properties, to gently dislodge dirt and unhealthy bacteria. Another important ingredient is tannins, which has been found to regulate sebum - an excess of which is commonly linked to acne breakouts.

2.Protection: ACV is full of antioxidants that help stop free radicals from attacking and degrading skin cells. Oxidative stress is reduced so the skin can remain protected from external ageing factors.

3.Proliferation: A recognised AHA (alpha hydroxyacid), the gentle exfoliating action of ACV stimulates cell renewal for a smoother, refined finish. It also helps minimise the appearance of blemish scarring.

How to use:

To be used morning and night. Drop the face vinegar on a cotton pad or directly on your fingers, and swipe across, dry cleansed skin, avoiding the eyes. Follow with Gallinée Youthful Serum or Hydrating Face Cream.


Aqua (Water)Propanediolglycerin1,2 Hexanediolalpha-Glucan Oligosaccharidepentylene Glycolinulinlactic Acidacetum (Vinegar)Maris Aqua (Sea Water)Argininehibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extractchlorella Vulgaris Extractlaminaria Digitata Extractsaccharide Isomeratesodium Hydroxidephenethyl Alcoholsodium Benzoatepotassium Sorbate

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