Hothands - Foot Warmers 1 Pair


Hothands - Foot Warmers

1 Pair

8 hours of heat - Air activated - Ready to use
Comfort from Cold anywhere you are
Adhesive, thin and discreet

Single use air-activated heat packs that provide easy warmth to protect you from chill in everyday situations such as commuting to work, whilst out shopping, hiking, golf and watching football matches.

How to use:

Open the sachet (exposure to air starts the warming action).
Remove the paper backing and stick the warmer to the outside of the sock underneath the toe area.
Wear the sock and warmer in appropriate shoe or boot.

Do not use:
on infants or children, on frostbite, directly against the skin, while sleeping, on scars, over open wounds, on desensitized skin, on bruising, on inflammation or swelling, during intensive exercise, or if you have allergies, arthritis, sensitive skin, diabetes, circulatory problems, nerve damage or paralysis.

5 packs x 2 Foot Warmers

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