Hylo-Dual - Eye Drops* 10ml


Hylo-Dual - Eye Drops


Hylo-Dual Eye Drops moisturises and lubricates eyes to stabilise the tear film and reduce irritation associated with inflammation & allergies; particularly suited for dry eyes experiencing additional irritation due to hypersensitivity reactions.
Containing both Sodium Hyaluronate, to relieve and lubricate dry eyes, and Ectoin, which lubricates and relieves inflammatory processes, Hylo-Dual supports your eyes own barrier against germs, allergy-inducing substances and irritants as well as support healing of irritated eyes.

  • 10ml.
  • For dry and irritated eyes.
  • Contains 0.05% Sodium Hyaluronate and 2% Ectoin.
  • Intensively lubricates and supports the eyes natural protective barrier.
  • Helps relieve burning, itchy, watery, and dry eyes.
  • Long lasting protection.
  • Stabilises the lipid layer of the tear film.
  • Free from phosphates and preservatives.
  • Contact lens compatible.
  • Easy to use one pump, one drop bottle.

How to use:

Please carefully read enclosed leaflet for full details before use.
Remove the cap before use.
Before first use only, invert the bottle and pump the base until the first drop appears. The system is now ready for use.
Place two fingers on the base of the bottle and your thumb on the shoulder, pull down your lower eyelid. Tilt your head back and press on the base to release one drop.


Solution containing 0.05% Sodium Hyaluronate, 2% Ectoin, a borate buffer, and water.

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