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Absolute Aromas - Jasmine 5% 10ml

Absolute Aromas - Jasmine 5% 10ml

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Absolute Aromas - Jasmine 5%

Jasmine has a rich, heady, floral aroma. It is calming and excellent for all skin types. It is also a well known aphrodisiac.



Jasmine Essential Oil, Light Coconut Oil.


Jasmine Absolute is calming and excellent for all skin types. It is also a good oil to use during childbirth.

For convenience we have diluted this essential oil to a ratio of 5% in Light Coconut Oil, it can therefore be used directly on the skin as a perfume.

 Alternatively, for a luxurious massage oil, blend 1 drop of Jasmine, 1 drop of Sandalwood and 3 drops of Mandarin in 10ml of Peach Kernel oil.


Plant Family: Oleaceae

Method of Extraction: Alcohol extraction from the concrete made from the flowers.

Main Theraputic Properties: Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Calmative, Uterine tonic.

Contraindications: Non toxic and non irritant in prescribed doses.

Did you know: In India, Jasmine is referred to as 'Queen of the night' due to it's scent being stronger after sunset.

Oil Appearance: Dark yellow.

Chakra: Sacral & Base.

Chinese Element: Fire (& Water)

Jasmine Absolute is extracted by alcohol extraction from a 'concrete' made with the flowers of the plant, picked by hand, only in the evening. This process is what makes Jasmine so costly. The Jasmine we used in this product is 100% pure and natural.

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