Koba - Gimme Glow Dry Brush


Koba - Gimme Glow Dry Brush

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Awaken your senses with your very own at home spa detoxing routine. This self-care champion buffs away dead skin, promotes cell renewal, refines texture and tone, improves energy, reduces the appearance of cellulite, increases blood flow and circulation and regulates your nervous system to reveal luminous, supple and luxuriously smooth skin.

Not only does dry brushing improve skin health, but this ancient technique also supports your body’s natural detoxification pathways, releasing unwanted fluids and toxins, relieves stress and digestion.

The Gimme Glow dry brush features a comfortable strap for easy use which allows you to get into specific areas and contour the skin. The soft bristles gently exfoliate without scratching the skin.

How to use:

Make sure your skin is completely dry before you start. Applying a medium pressure, start at your feet and work your way up using small strokes in the direction of your heart. Do the same from your hands to your shoulders. Switch to shorter, quick movements around your joints and clockwise sweeping motion around your abdomen, chest and areas with cellulite followed by straight upward motions. Hop in the shower after to rinse off, pat your skin dry and finish with your preferred hydration treatment from our Koba moisturisers.

Always take not to brush too hard, keep it light and energetic.


Schima Wood, Nylon Bristles, Cotton Handle


After use, brush the bristles on a towel or tap against a dry sink to remove any dead skin particles. Using a mild soap, run the bristles under running lukewarm water while rubbing it gently. Shake the water off and follow with drying the rest of the brush with a soft towel. Leave the brush to air dry with the bristles facing down.

For a deeper clean twice a month, prepare a dish of lukewarm water that covers just the bristles, keeping the wooden part as dry as possible. Add a mild antibacterial soap or a few drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. Place your brush bristles facing down and leave it to soak. After five minutes drain the mixture and replace with fresh water. Place the brush facing down and move it in a gentle circular motion to wash off the soap, then rinse bristles under running water. Shake off the brush to remove excess water, pat dry with a towel and leave out to air dry. Avoid drying in direct sunlight. 

Disclaimer: Keep the wood and strap as dry as possible to avoid mould build up.


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