Picot - Magic Mix nourrisson 350g


Picot - Magic Mix Thickening Powder 0 to 3 years

***Maximum 3 tins per customer***



Magic Mix's powder for infant powder is used exclusively for pediatric regurgitation and in the case of swallowing disorders, and can also be used with a bottle in case of gastroesophageal reflux.

It thickens the infantile preparations without altering the taste or the colour. Its formula is composed of 100% starch, it without gluten and without milk to suit intolerant babies.

Thickeners for infant milk are powders to add to the child's usual formula for thickening milk.

They have indicated in the context of regurgitation thanks to their formula composed of a natural thickener like corn starch.

The purpose of the thickener is to make the milk stronger in the stomach after being ingested.

Important Notice : Use only as a thickener. Must not be used as the sole source of power. To be used under medical supervision for nutritional needs in case of swallowing disorders or regurgitation. Foodstuff for special medical purposes

How to use:

1. Prepare a bottle of the infant formula usually used.

2. Add the recommended amount of Picot Magic Mix directly to the bottle (see preparation table below)

3. Close the bottle and first shake it circularly by rolling it between the hands (about 5 seconds), then shake it vertically vigorously, until the powder is completely dissolved (about 10 seconds).

4. Wait between 3 and 5 minutes for optimal thickening.

Quantity according to baby's age:
1 month: 90ml of water - 3 level scoops of milk - 1 level scoop of Magic Mix
1-2 months: 120ml of water - 4 level measures of milk - 1 + 1/3 level measures of Magic Mix
2-3 months: 150ml of water - 5 level measures of milk - 1 + 2/3 level measures of Magic Mix
3-4 months: 180ml of water - 6 level scoops of milk - 2 level scoops of Magic Mix
5-8 months: 210ml of water - 7 level measures of milk - 2 + 2/3 level measures of Magic Mix
8-12 months: 240ml of water - 8 level scoops of milk - 2 + 2/3 level scoops of Magic Mix


Corn Starch, Corn Maltodextrin.

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