La Rosée - Sun Oil Spray SPF50 150ml


La Rosée - Sun Oil SPF50 Spray


Our Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 guarantees a high level of protection, broad spectrum UVA/UVB, respectful of the skin and the oceans.

It effectively protects the face, body and hair against the harmful effects of the sun and skin ageing.

Thanks to a natural base and a new generation of clean organic filters, its formula is safe for the skin, easily biodegradable, water resistant and without significant impact on marine biodiversity.

Rich in organic apricot kernel oil, it nourishes your skin for a luminous and long-lasting tan.

✨ Dry oil, transparent & non-greasy finish.
☀️ Sunny coconut-vanilla scent, a favorite! 100% natural origin, non photo-sensitizing

Formulated for all skin types that require high sun protection and for all hair types.
The product is also suitable for pregnant women.

How to use:

Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure, on face, body and hair. Reapply every 2 hours and after each swim. 

Precautions: sun abuse is dangerous for your health, avoid exposure in the middle of the day. Avoid contact with textiles. 


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