La Tisanière - Après Repas 20 Sachets


La Tisanière - Après Repas

20 Sachets

This After Meal recipe helps you feel light as a feather! Indeed, it is composed of peppermint which helps maintain good digestion. This plant also helps relieve bloating, which can be felt after heavy meals, or eaten quickly without taking the time to savor them.

Each cup of this mixture gives you a dose of well-being, and allows you to take care of yourself without giving up on pleasing yourself. After lunch and dinner, the freshness of this La Tisanière infusion is a real treat! It gives you a feeling of lightness, which is good for your body. You can therefore consume it daily or when you feel the need, in the event of a generous or difficult to digest meal, for example.

A tasty recipe with baobab

This After-Meal infusion consists of ingredients of natural origin, with various flavors that combine perfectly. There is peppermint with its intense notes, anise seeds with their freshness and baobab with its lemony and tangy taste.

From the first sip, you benefit from the beneficent force of nature and a light, refreshing and delicious blend, conducive to your well-being. Thanks to our pyramid sachets, the taste of each ingredient is released in hot water and is revealed to your taste buds. The flavor of this recipe is also a delight, which you can succumb to without any guilt.

How to use:

For this After-Meal recipe, you have the choice between two tasting methods: hot or cold infusion. This allows you to drink it summer and winter. To take advantage of its benefits, we advise you to consume 2 cups a day and preferably after lunch and dinner.

Prepare your drink and sit in a quiet corner, indoors or outdoors and away from the table, where you can really relax. For a few minutes, take a real break, free from phone, television and computer screens, for a smooth start to digestion. Similarly, when your box is empty, do the right thing by throwing it in your sorting bin because it has no plastic overwrapping and can be recycled.


Peppermint leaves (Mentha piperita) (44%), liquorice, anise seeds (10%), baobab fruit pulp (8%), natural mint flavors (8%), sweet mint (7%), fragrant verbena. Contains licorice – people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

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