La Tisanière - Drainage Maté 20 Sachets


La Tisanière - Drainage Maté

20 Sachets

With this Drainage infusion, you can help your body eliminate waste and toxins, which accumulate day after day.

Indeed, the mate contained in this recipe is used to facilitate the drainage of the body. It gives it a little boost, which is welcome at certain times of the year. It helps the kidneys to do their job, to drain the water stored in the tissues and to reduce that unpleasant feeling of discomfort that we can sometimes have and which affects our well-being.

This Drainage infusion combines the sweetness of green coffee beans with the fresh and intense notes of rosemary and the inimitable flavor of mate. Natural ingredients very different from each other, which nevertheless marry wonderfully in this recipe. This also gives a mixture full of gluttony, with fruity and sweet notes, and always tastier.

And its fragrance, like a bouquet, takes you on a journey and transports you to the heart of spring when rosemary blooms reach their peak. Likewise, thanks to our pyramid sachets, the flavors of the ingredients are preserved and are revealed from the first sip, to the delight of your taste buds!

How to use:

With this Drainage mixture, everything is allowed since you can consume it as a cold infusion, leaving it to cool for 30 minutes before tasting, or hot in 250 ml of water heated to 100°C. This allows you to adapt its preparation to your preferences and the season, and to vary the taste pleasures.

Per day, we advise you to drink 3 cups, after meals or during a break, to warm up or cool down. Each box contains 20 sachets and being without plastic overwrapping, it can be fully recycled. So don't forget to put it in your sorting bin when you've finished it!


Mate leaves (Ilex paraguariensis)** (60%), Roasted chicory root, Green coffee beans** (8%), Natural flavors, Rosemary (4.5%), Orange leaves, Orange blossom , Natural vanilla flavor with other natural flavors. **Contains caffeine.

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