La Tisanière - Night Calm with Verbena & Meadowsweet 20 Sachets


La Tisanière - Nuit Calme Verveine & Reine des Prés

20 Sachets

In the evening, when going to bed, sleep can be desired. To help you fall asleep and fall quietly into the arms of Morpheus, we offer you this Night Calm Verbena infusion. By enjoying a cup in the evening, after your dinner, you offer yourself a delicious moment, conducive to your relaxation.

It all starts with its delicate fragrance, which is soothing and helps you relax and take your mind off things. Then comes the sweetness of chamomile which contributes to a good sleep, for a peaceful night until the early morning. So, with this recipe, you put the odds on your side to sleep well and have sweet dreams!

This new Calm Night recipe is made up of ingredients of natural origin, including an innovative plant full of flavor: meadowsweet. Thus, it blends with the freshness and lemony notes of verbena, the sweetness of chamomile and lime blossom, and the delicacy of orange leaves.

With each cup, you benefit from the beneficent force of nature and an original infusion, with an inimitable taste. Selected by La Tisanière for their flavors, which are revealed to your taste buds in hot or cold preparation, these natural ingredients combine perfectly and are good for your body and your mind.


How to use:

To be prepared as a cold or hot infusion, our Night Calm Verbena blend is ideal for the evening. We advise you to drink 2 cups in the evening, including one 30 minutes before bedtime. And to better feel its benefits, you can make its tasting a moment of pure well-being. To do this, move away from screens, dim the light, sit in an armchair or on your sofa and relax while savoring each sip.

And when you feel the fatigue growing, don't resist. Join your bed to sleep peacefully and enjoy a deep and recuperative sleep. Similarly, a box containing 20 sachets, you can repeat this ritual every night. And when it's empty, don't forget to recycle it! Without plastic overwrapping, it can go directly into your sorting bin.


Lemon verbena leaves (Aloysia citriodora) (39%), Linden (34%), Orange leaves (9%), Meadowsweet (8%), Chamomile (7%), Natural orange blossom flavor with other natural flavors (1.8%), Natural Flavor.

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