La Tisanière - Thym de Provence 20 Sachets


La Tisanière - Thym de Provence

20 Sachets

Thyme is commonly used in cooking, and especially in Provençal recipes. Very fragrant, this aromatic plant can also be consumed as an infused drink, preferably hot to take advantage of its benefits on the respiratory tract.

At La Tisanière, we have selected thyme from the south of France to make our herbal tea. A herb, whose fragrance that we recognize among all, immediately transports us to Provence!

As soon as you open the box, you breathe in the smells of the scrubland and hear the cicadas sing. And at the tasting, from the first sip on our lips, we almost feel the sun of the South! An olfactory and gustatory journey, which puts the balm of the heart. To take advantage of the virtues of this plant, you can prepare it as an infusion.

Indeed, this makes it possible to extract its aromas as well as possible. As for the best time to taste it, it is undoubtedly after a meal, in the evening for example.

How to use:

For its preparation, we recommend the infusion. As for its tasting, it can be done during the day or in the evening. For example, you can drink one cup after lunch and a second after dinner.


Thyme of Provence (leaves)

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