Absolute Aromas - Lemon Essential Oil 10ml


Absolute Aromas - Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon Essential Oil has a tangy, clearing, and clarifying citrus aroma. It is a great oil to help you feel refreshed and uplifted, making it a great oil to incorporate into home diffuser blends, and DIY body-care and toiletries to refresh and uplift both the mind and body! Lemon is also a great oil to diffuser after bouts of illness at home, especially during the winter months.

This Oil is expressed from the peel of the lemon.

Lemon is a naturally antibacterial and cleansing essential oil, this makes it the perfect essential oil for natural cleaning, a great alternative to synthetic cleaning products.

How to use:

DIY TIP: To soften & refresh tired feet, add 3 drops of Lemon and 2 drops of Tea Tree to a teaspoon of Sweet Almond Oil, and add to a foot bath.

BATH: For a warming bath on a cold, winter night, use 2 drops of Lemon, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang and 1 drop of Sandalwood diluted in a teaspoon of Sweet Almond oil.


Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil

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