Manucurist - Nail Buffer Sponge


Manucurist - Nail Buffer Sponge

Our nail priming nail file is a magic tool for prepping the nail plate before you apply polish. It dramatically improves the staying power of your polish by smoothing the nail plate and gently erasing any little imperfections with its spongy surface. It gently opens up the scales of the nail to help the base coat adhere.

Use it before a manicure or for taking care of natural nails.

nailIt has been designed with two types of grit: the fine grit (Manucurist logo side) is ideal for fingernails and the coarser grit is ideal for toenails.

  • Smooths and evens out the nail surface
  • Prepares the nail for a treatment product
  • Helps the polish last longer

How to use:

Gently smooth across the surface of the nail without rubbing back and forth. Use the fine grain (Manucurist logo) for your fingernails and the coarser grain for your toenails.

Remove any oil with Green Flash Nail Polish Remover. Next, apply the Green Flash base coat, two coats of colour and the top coat.

For natural nails: gently smooth the nail plate before using the 3-way buffer.

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