Metanium - Barrier Ointment 40g


Metanium - Barrier Ointment


A gentle formulation that is suitable for most skin types.

Metanium® Everyday Barrier Ointment cares for delicate skin by forming a barrier to help protect against external irritants that can cause nappy rash.

A unique uncoloured and unscented formulation that helps seal in the skin's natural moisture, keeping the skin soft, smooth and supple. It can be used daily and at every nappy change.

Helps to protect your baby's skin from the irritants that cause nappy rash and leaves your baby's skin feeling silky smooth

Suitable for Vegans

How to use:

Use daily at every nappy change on clean dry skin, using clean dry hands. Apply a pea sized amount to the skin. gently spreading the barrier ointment evenly to form a thin protective layer. Keep the tube nozzle clean of product residue to ensure the cap can close tightly. A barrier ointment used on your baby's skin at every nappy change can form part of a healthy skincare routine.


Titanium Dioxide, Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Dimethicone

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