Mimitika - Tanning Mitt


Mimitika - Tanning Mitt

1 Piece

The essential accessory for a flawless application of MIMITIKA Self-Tanning Mousse. This soft glove is ideal for applying the self-tanning mousse smoothly and without streaks all over your body. The result is a beautiful, even and natural-looking tan.

Thanks to its waterproof lining, your palms are protected from self-tan stains. Its velvety material glides smoothly on the skin, ensuring a simple and even application for a perfect finish.

How to use:

Apply 1 to 2 pumps of your Self-Tanning Mousse onto the glove, then apply the foam in circular motions and blend it evenly all over your body. Repeat the process if needed. Wash the glove and your hands immediately after application. Allow the glove to air dry.

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