Nitty Gritty - Conditioning Defence Spray


After you have used our award-winning Nitty Gritty Comb to clear an infestation, we recommend daily use of our Nitty Gritty Spray for all the family above the age of two. It's a carefully chosen blend of ingredients with a gentle and lovely lavender perfume, that keeps everyone's hair fragranced, soft, shiny de-tangled and in tip-top condition. It's an eco- and family-friendly 250ml atomiser spray that lasts for ages and ages and ages.

Everyone's hair has its own unique aroma – and just like mosquitoes, head lice use their sense of smell to detect the presence of 'new' hair during even very brief head-to-head contact. Our Spray doesn't just keep your hair in great condition, it also messes up their 'radar'; by masking your hair's unique aroma it encourages head lice to stay on their existing host rather than migrate.

Of course, like every Nitty Gritty product, our Spray comes with a no-quibbles lifetime guarantee of satisfaction. If you are ever less than delighted with it, for any reason at all, we will completely refund your purchase.

Size: 250 ml

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