Nuxe - Huile Prodigieuse Beauty Ritual Kit


Nuxe - Trousse Prodigieuse

Discover the intense sensoriality of the Prodigieuse® range with its iconic scent (Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla).

This Nuxe Prodigieuse® set contains:

- Prodigieux® Shower Oil 30ml

- Huile Prodigieuse® 10ml

- Prodigieux® Le Parfum 15ml

- Prodigieux® Scented Body Lotion 30ml

Made in France, from formulation to production.

Pouch designed as part of an eco-design approach: 65% recycled cotton, 100% recycled plastic and cardboard filling material.

Dimensions: 21.5 x 16 x 2 cm

How to use:

Prodigieux® Shower Oil

In the morning and/or evening, massage a drop of shower gel over your damp body. Enjoy its melt-away texture and delectable lather, then rinse. Rinse in the event of contact with eyes.

 Huile Prodigieuse®

Use Huile Prodigieuse® all year round, winter and summer, on your face, body and hair.

Before applying the oil, warm it in your hands and then cup your hands below your nose to breathe in the feel-good benefits of its scent.

- On your face, use on its own (1 spray) or mix a few drops in the palm of your hand together with your NUXE cream. Spread using smoothing strokes, working from the centre towards the outer contours of your face. Men will also love this product to care for their beard, to leave it feeling soft and silky.

- On your body, apply in circular movements (bust, legs, etc.), paying particular attention to very dry areas and/or stretch marks.

- On your hair, spray 1 or 2 pumps of product into the palm of your hand and apply to the lengths and ends of the hair as often as required. For an intense conditioning effect, apply all over your hair once or twice a week as a mask. Leave on for at least 10 minutes before shampooing.

 For a moment of serenity and absolute relaxation, pour a few drops of oil into the warm water of your bath.

Prodigieux® Le Parfum

Whenever you wish, spray the perfume over your skin from a distance of a few centimetres, focusing on your neck and the insides of your wrists.

You can also spray a burst of perfume and then walk through this fragrant cloud to cloak your body in its scent..

For a more subtle effect, spray it onto your hair brush.

Prodigieux® Scented Body Lotion

Use 6 drops (or pumps) per day for your entire body. Massage your legs in an upward direction preferably, from your feet to your hips. Then massage your arms in smoothing strokes towards your chest. For your stomach, massage in circular movements in a clockwise direction (encourages digestion).


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