Nuxe - Sweet Lemon Hand and Nail Cream 50ml


Nuxe - Sweet Lemon Hand and Nail Cream


Nuxe Sweet Lemon moisturizes, softens and protects hands and nails. Nourishing and protecting, this astounding NUXE Hand & Nail Cream will help you get heavenly hands. Its ultimate refinery comes from the fact that it also strengthens your nails and softens your cuticles.

Nuxe Sweet Lemon Hand and Nail Cream nourishes and protects both hands and nails. It quickly absorbs into skin, leaving hands feeling softer and more comfortable. The cream strengthens nails and softens cuticles for ultimate refinement. Its 50ml size makes it easy to take anywhere.

How to use:

Apply the Hand and Nail Cream as often as needed, paying special attention to the nail contours.


Aqua/water, capryl-/caprinezuurtriglyceride, propaandiol, behenylalcohol, cannabis sativa-zaadolie*, glycerine **, polyglyceryl-6-distearaat, dicaprylylether, benzylalcohol, parfum/geurstof, glycerylcaprylaat, xanthaangom, mate, dehydroacetic zuur, natriumgluconaat, aloë barbadensis-bladsappoeder*, tocopherol, citroenzuur, helianthus annuus (zonnebloem) zaadolie, limoneen, citral, geraniol, linalool [n5502/a]

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