Otrivine - Adult Nasal Drops


Otrivine - Adult Nasal Drops


A blocked nose such as occurs with a cold, is caused by excessive nasal secretions and the swelling up of many tiny blood vessels that line the nose. The air passages become narrower and the nasal secretions may block the nose completely.

Otrivine is recommended for fast, effective and long lasting relief from nasal congestion. It helps to open up and clear the nasal passages by reducing the excessive nasal secretions and returning the swollen blood vessels to their normal size.

The effects start within minutes and last for up to ten hours. Otrivine Adult Nasal Drops are for local application in the nose to give symptomatic relief of: 

How to use

Adults and children over 12 years of age:

2 or 3 drops in each nostril 2 or 3 times daily.

Clear the nose
Lean head back as far as is comfortable
Apply two or three drops to each nostril


Sodium chloride,

Sodium phosphate,

Sodium acid phosphate,

Disodium edetate,

Benzalkonium chloride solution,


Hypromellose and Water.

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