Absolute Aromas - Black Pepper Essential Oil 10ml


Absolute Aromas - Black Pepper Essential Oil


Black Pepper Essential Oil has a warm, spicy aroma, it is a great oil for helping to ground the mind, whilst it’s natural warming and stimulating properties make it a wonderful oil for soothing both muscular aches, and stomach discomforts.

This Oil is produced from the dried, crushed fruits of the Pepper vine.

Black Peppers spicy aroma and warming properties make it popular for use in sports massage blends, toiletries, and perfumery.

How to use:

DIY TIP: Blend 2 drops of Black Pepper, 3 drops of Rosemary, 3 drops of Lemon and 1 drop of Lavender in 30ml of Sweet Almond oil and use as a pre-exercise massage oil.

Tummy Blend: Blend 1 drop of Black Pepper, 2 drops of Patchouli and 2 drops of Lavender, in 10ml of Grapeseed oil, and massage into the tummy in a clockwise motion.


Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper) Fruit Oil.


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