Percutafeine - Slimming Local Treatment Gel 192g


Percutafeine - Slimming Local Treatment Gel


Percutafeine is a symptomatic treatment for localized subcutaneous fat deposits. This caffeine-based slimming gel is effective in combating cellulite, it limits fat storage and helps eliminate fat already present under the epidermis. This slimming gel helps to fight cellulite and localized adipose overloads by acting directly on the thighs, hips and abdominal area. It has a real draining effect and helps to release fat. Percutaféine gel is a medicine from the Pierre Fabre laboratories: great specialists in the field of health and dermatology. Percutaféine is the only anti-cellulite cream with the official title of medicine among the various slimming products. For 30 years, its effectiveness has been proven and validated by many experts through clinical studies. More effective than dietary supplements, Percutaféine gel is very simple to use: it is applied directly to the different parts of the body: legs, hips and belly for visible results in just a few weeks. The skin regains all its beauty, it is firmer, softer, smoother and the orange peel effect disappears. This slimming cream is suitable for both men and women. 

How to use :

Apply Pierre Fabre Percutaféine slimming gel locally 10 to 20 g per day and massage in.
Never use Percutaféine in the following cases:
- You are allergic to caffeine or any of the other components of the medicine.
- Your skin is damaged or irritated.
- If you are being treated with disulfiram because Percutafeine contains alcohol.


Active substance (per 100 g of gel): Caffeine: 5 g
Other components : Carbomer (synthalene K, trolamine, macrogol cocate 7 glycerol (CETHIOL HE), 96% ethanol, purified water.

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