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Bioderma - Photoderm M 50+ Tint 40ML

Bioderma - Photoderm M 50+ Tint 40ML

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Unique filtering system that guarantees a very high UVA/UVB protection and reinforced protection against visible radiation to minimise the risk of pigmentation such as pregnancy mask. This action is complemented by a genuine internal biological protection: the exclusive Cellular Bioprotection patent which activates the skin’s natural defences, protects cells and combats premature skin ageing.
Photoderm M contains glabridin, an active ingredient that inhibits tyrosinase, a key enzyme in melanogenesis. This helps limit the skin pigmentation process.


  • For everyday use year-round to minimise the risk of pigmentation.
  • Apply onto face in the morning after day cream.

Apply evenly and generously before sun exposure (reducing the amount of product reduces the level of sun protection).
Re-apply frequently, before and after swimming, rubbing and sports activities.

Do not expose babies or young children to the sun.
Excessive sun exposure is harmful to your health.

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