Quies - Anti-noise Wax Earplugs 8 pairs


Quies Earplugs - Anti-noise Wax

8 pairs

The Quies Anti-Noise Wax Earplugs offer 8 pairs of ear protection, reducing average noise levels by 27 dB. These malleable plugs conform to all ear canals and provide excellent support. They adjust to body temperature, making them easy to forget. Made with a unique composition, these wax earplugs ensure both comfort and effectiveness, making them ideal for extended use during sleeping, resting, and studying. Discreet and versatile, they are perfect for meditation or improving concentration. These earplugs protect from noise disturbances without entirely blocking out environmental sounds.

How to use: 

Remove cotton, to soften with perfectly clean hands.

Adapt to size and shape of your auditory canal.

Introduce the whole plug into ear and insert slightly.

Pull the ear lobe backwards to remove air out of the auditory canal.

Single use.


Mix of mineral oils and natural cotton.

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