Boiron - Quiétude Syrup 200ml


Boiron - Quiétude Syrup


Homoeopathic medicine by Boiron. Relieves passing nervousness and minor sleeping problems.
Suitable for ages 1 and over

Warning: This is a medicine. Please ensure you carefully read all literature provided with your product prior to use. In case of doubt, ask your Doctor or Pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine.

How to use:

For oral use.

Take 1 dose of 5 ml in the morning and evening. Use the measuring cup provided. Do not use for more than 30 days.

If your child has difficulty sleeping, consult your doctor so that the cause can be identified.


Chamomilla vulgaris (9C), Gelsemium (9C), Hyoscyamus niger (9C), Kalium bromatum (9C), Passiflora incarnata (3D), Stramonium (9C)

Excipients: Sucrose, ethanol (96%), benzoic acid, caramel, water (q.s.p 200 ml)
Alcohol volume: 0.4% (v/v). 1 dose (5 ml) contains 16 mg of ethanol (alcohol).


If your problems persist, your treatment should be re-assessed. Consult your doctor.

Do not give to children less than 30 months old unless recommended by your doctor.

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