Ripple - Happy Honeysuckle Incense Droplets


Ripple - Happy Honeysuckle Incense Droplets

26 Droplets + 1 Glass holder

A classy evening beckons. It's time to excite your space with opulent and earthy scents of manuka + peony. An aroma sure to add happiness and bloom to your vicinity.

A radiant summer’s afternoon of sheer bliss

Explore the jubilant vibrance of our honeysuckle aroma, guaranteed to enrich you in class + joyous energy. Formulated with manuka + peony to bring fresh energy and a touch of luxury.

26 droplets = 260+ mins of impeccable self-care.

How to use:

Place droplet on the glass incense holder provided.
Light the tip of the droplet & blow out the flame after a few seconds.
Enjoy the delicious aroma of POWER as it envelopes your space. Once the burn is complete there will be a small amount of ash on the glass holder - wait for cooling to dispose of the ash. If necessary, the glass holder can be cleaned in warm soapy water.


Honeysuckle aroma

a rich, sweet scent which radiates pure happiness


boosts vitality & youthful energy


full of fresh energy & luxury

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