Sterimar - Nasal Spray Breathe Easy 50ml


Sterimar - Nasal Spray Breathe Easy


100% Natural Sea Water based Nasal Sprays.

Helps prevent Ear, Nose and Throat disorders by strengthening the nasal lining's defence.

Helps prevent colds by washing out nasal cavities

Breathe Easy Daily was developed to support good nasal hygiene and ensure the vital functions of the nose are not altered.

Suitable for the whole family from 3 years and up.

How to use:

Gently insert nozzle into the nostril. Spray briefly, and allow a short time to take effect. Clear the nostril by blowing gently to remove congestion.


Sterimar is an isotonic filtered sea water solution, 100 % natural and free from preservatives that provides the beneficial properties of marine trace elements: zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium.

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