Tweezer - Point Tweezer Classic


Tweezer - Point Tweezer Classic 

Professional quality, finely tapered Point Tweezer is hand-filed and perfectly aligned. Precision tips easily grab every hair every time, making them ideal to remove the finest and smallest hairs.

How to use:

  1. Prepare for hair removal by opening pores using a warm washcloth, not too hot to prevent redness. This will help to reduce pain.
  2. For maximum control, tweeze using your thumb and index fingers near the middle of the tweezer body.
  3. Grab the unwanted hair with the tweezer tips slanted at a 25° angle, squeeze down on the body of the tweezer and pull in the direction of hair growth to remove hair from the root.
  4. Continue until you have removed all unwanted hair.

Tool Care:

Clean tweezer tips after each use with alcohol wipe or peroxide. Tweezer can be sanitised in an autoclave or barbicide.

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