Tweezerman - Sole Smoother Antibacterial Callus Stone


Tweezerman - Sole Smoother Antibacterial Callus Stone

Our bestselling foot exfoliator and smoothing tool is infused with silver for protection from bacteria and germs. Premium quality, this antibacterial callus removal stone is a German-made, fully waterproof ceramic stone with an ergonomic handle.

  • Effectively removes calluses and smooths feet 
  • Ceramic stone and plastic handle infused with silver for enhanced hygiene 
  • Fully waterproof to use in the shower or tub 
  • Ergonomic and durable, the high-quality Sole Smoother is comfortable to hold, easy to use and long lasting

How to use:

  1. Soak feet to prep and help soften hard skin. 
  2. While skin is still soft and damp, use the coarse side to exfoliate especially rough or callused spots. 
  3. Use the opposite side to smooth bottoms of feet and around toes. CAUTION: Not for use for diabetics, haemophiliacs or those with circulatory problems.

Tool Care:

To clean callus stone, use soap and water. Air dry.

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