Vismed - Eye Gel 0.45ml 20x


Vismed - Eye Gel 20x


Vismed Gel's higher concentrations of sodium hyaluronate stay on the eye for longer, and will therefore increase the thickness and stability of the tear film. Vismed Gel also contains essential ions and supplies the tissue with moisture. Vismed Gel feels silky on the eye and needs to be applied less frequently.

Vismed Gel is presented in boxes of 20 single-dose vials which guarantee a simple dosage. It is preservative-free.

How to Use Vismed Gel

  • Twist off the tab and position the tip of the vial above the eye to be treated: upon slight pressure, Vismed Gel will easily flow out of the vial.
  • Unless otherwise recommended, place one or two drops of Vismed Gel into the conjunctival sac of the eye as often as needed.
  • A sensation of blurred vision may be experienced immediately after application.
  • After blinking, the solution will disperse and form a transparent and long-lasting coating on the surface of the eye.

Vismed Gel may also be used while wearing contact lenses (rigid or soft). As Vismed Gel does not contain preservatives, any solution not used immediately after opening should be discarded

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