Vitry - Cutices Trimmer


Vitry - Cutices Trimmer

2-in-1: trims and pushes back cuticles

The Vitry cuticle trimmer allows you to quickly remove unsightly cuticle skin and push back any small pieces of skin surrounding the nail’s surface.

The v-shaped blade enables precision trimming of the cuticles, resulting in clean, neat and healthy-looking nails.

+ points: cuticle trimmer v-shaped stainless steel blade.

Available in 4 shades: pink – green – purple – blue.

1 - Push back the cuticle skin surrounding the nail with the end of the cuticle trimmer.

2 - Carefully trimthe unsightly cuticles surrounding the nail with thev-shaped blade.

Thoroughly disinfect the blades of the cuticle trimmer before and after use.

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