VJJ - Health BV pH Rapid Test


VJJ - Health BV pH Rapid Test

A Vaginal pH self-test. The ultimate tool to help identify those pesky vaginal infections and understand the symptoms of a pH imbalance.

The good bacteria in your vagina produce a mild acid called Lactic acid. A slightly acidic vagina means that the most harmful bacteria have a hard time surviving. The ideal vaginal microbiome has a majority of just four different species of good bacteria which make Lactic acid and a range of other anti-microbial compounds. Keeping those harmful bacteria at bay is not only important for general hygiene and comfort but also to helps avoid infection and diseases. A vaginal pH level above 4.5 is an indicator that something may be wrong - the most common consequence of a high vaginal pH is an abnormal and bad smelling vaginal discharge usually caused by Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

Box contains one diagnostic self-test vaginal pH test swab in a sealed sachet, a results colour chart to help you work out your vaginal pH and detailed usage instructions.

How to use:

A simple home test with quick accurate results. Detailed instructions for use are contained in the pack.

The vaginal pH self-test is a simple swab. You place the tip of the pH test against the side of your vagina and remove it. The colour of the small indicator changes depending on your vaginal pH. You compare the colour of your swab with the colour on the chart and this will give you your vaginal pH number.

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