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6 Affordable Skincare Products French Girls Swear By In Winter



There are many times in a woman’s life when she asks herself what a French girl would do. From navigating relationships to getting dressed, the French seem to do everything well. And since it’s now well and truly winter, the time has come to ask ourselves what our French counterparts are using on their skin in the colder months. Famously devoted to low-key beauty regimes incorporating lots of pharmacy favourites, as usual, they can teach us a thing or two. 

“Skincare to a French girl is everything,” says Dr Marine Vincent, skin health expert and founder of The French Pharmacy. “In winter we want our skin to feel comfortable, as dryness causes discomfort such as itchiness and feeling tight – the last thing we want is redness and scaling. We want to feel cocooned.” When it comes to winter skincare, the aim of the game is preventing skin issues, rather than having to cure them – prioritising hydrating masks, thicker textures and frequent, liberal applications of moisturiser.

Here Dr Vincent, a French girl herself, lists her favourite pharmacy winter essentials that are affordable, effective and suitable for all skin types: “Think of them as the quintessential French saviour kit for rough winters!” she says.

Better You DLux Vitamin D 3000

Better You DLux Vitamin D 3000

“For general health, you must take vitamin D in winter. The main source is sunlight, which is obviously very weak in winter time in the UK. No doubt that this is the vitamin to take in winter, especially this year. Betteryou Dlux is not French but this is the best formulation on the market, and a lot of people prefer oral sprays to taking tablets.”

£8.45, available at

Gallinée Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar

Gallinée Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar

“Make sure to cleanse with a gentle cleanser which will hydrate, nourish and respect the pH and microbiome of the skin. This no-soap soap is simply the best for protecting and soothing the skin while cleansing.”

£10, available at 


SVR Xerial 10 Body Lotion

“For the body, a good, replenishing body cream is an essential to avoid flaky skin. I love the texture and it’s a 24-hour body moisturiser, which leaves the skin soft and comfortable.”

£22, available at 

Caudalie Moisturising Mask

Caudalie Moisturising Mask

“Skin gets dehydrated with the mix of overheating and cold, so it’s important to hydrate. I have chosen this mask as, for me, Caudalie has got it all: texture, elegant fragrance, it’s effective, science-based, natural and affordable. This product is one of my favourites from the range.”

£22, available at

Dermophil Indien Lip Balm Stick

Dermophil Indien Lip Balm Stick

“This is an unavoidable French pharmacy cult favourite. This is the one proven to work even if all other lip balms failed before it.”

£4.95, available at

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Hands

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Hands

“Since the lips, hands and face are most exposed to the wind and cold, it’s essential to protect them against external aggressors and nourish them. This La Roche-Posay cream is one of the best formulations on the market with 4 per cent niacinamide, 30 per cent glycerin and thermal water. It creates a glove of protection, which lasts, without imparting a greasy sensation. Magic!”

£6.50, available at 


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