Our Top 10 Products of 2020

Our top 10 products of the year

La créme de la créme of French Pharmacy skin care and treatments as chosen by you (and endorsed by us)


1. A313 
This cult French retinol (esther not acid) is Le Best seller of this past year.
Formely known as Avibon, this anti-wrinkle 'ointment' is perfect if you are just starting with Retinol as its formula is milder. It is also perfect for getting rid of acne and acne scars. Unlike other retinol treatments, it leaves your skin soft and hydrated in the morning. 
Hailed as the ultimate balm by, well, everyone, Homeoplasmine was originally designed for skin irritations. But French people use it for everything from dry lips and cuticles to insect bites. 
Hexomedine is indicated for disinfecting small superficial wounds and local top-up treatment for possible superinfection of the skin. But because it works really well on spots, people have been going crazy for it.
This completely natural Kaolin based mask is the No1 mask this year. Thanks to its unique no-mess stick application and its formula rich in silica, your skin is clean and glowing in 5 minutes.
This shower oil gently cleanses your face and body and is suitable for sensitive skin. Its unique formula, based on organic sunflower seed oil, offers supreme nourishment for the skin. It provides long-lasting softness and lipid replenishment. On contact with water, the oil transforms into a fine creamy foam, with a fresh, delicate fragrance. 
A French cult favourite since the 1950s, this iconic treatment has been the favourite product of dermatologists and makeup artist around the world.
It leaves t he skin plumped, smoothed, and incredibly soft.
7. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
The only dry shampoo Dry shampoo Dr Marine ever uses. This dry shampoo has been a cult favourite with celebrity hairdressers for years and we agree; its gentle formula is kind to your hair and the volume you get is unmatched.
Holidays in France means Biafine... We have used this for as long as we can remember for 'les coups de soleil' sunburns and it works wonder. But you can also use this emulsion for any burns of course. Many (including some dermatologists) have been hailing this product for acne and acne scars as well.
Vogue stated it was 'perhaps the most famous micellar water of all' and for good reasons; its ultra gentle formula is great for sensitive skins and will remove any makeup. Made up of cleansing micelle particles, this is the first and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with the skin

Collosol milk water was conceived in Paris in the 50s. Located near the Champs Elysees Theater, a pharmacy was regularly visited by famous actresses, in search of an exceptional product capable of erasing makeup and tired after the performances. To satisfy these artists, the pharmacist has designed a unique formulation, half milk and half water, subtle perfume and incomparable sweetness. This precious fluid, inspired by ancient beauty rituals, gives the skin clarity, splendour and scented sweetness, and could be used on the face or in the bath. Collosol Milk Water was born.

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