And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

Let's talk about Self Love this year for Valentine's Day..
We are not told not taught how to love ourselves.
We are told to be nice to everybody including nature but ourselves.
If anything quite the opposite.
But one can reclaim that power for it is true power to love yourself in a world where women are asked to either hate themselves or be invisible.
And yes the beauty industry is responsible for a lot of it ironically.
Is it bad to want to feel good about yourself?  The answer is and will always be No.

So for this valentine's Day (and any day of the year really), how about you show yourself some love as well as to your loved ones? Remember the saying 'You can't pour from an empty cup".
Things you can do:
Love you body. Thank your body for the things it is able to do.
Praise yourself instead of talking yourself down.
Try to avoid comparing yourself to others, especially the edited version of their lives.
Stand up for yourself. Listen to your gut and repeat 'I love myself too much to...'
 How about the little things you can do for instant feel-good-self-love effect?
Dance. Dancing has been proving to boost mood and mental health. So get jiggy in your living room anytime you can.
Smile. It automatically raises endorphin levels. 
Take a relaxing bath or shower. Adding aromatherapy in your daily routine really does make for a better mood.
Practice self-care. We love masking because it gives instant results and glowing skin.
Whatever you do, make sure you do it well, you do it from a place of love and you do it for you.