Meet Parisian Girl Marie, Founder at BcommeBaby

We asked Parisian Girl Marie J. about her business and her favourite skincare



Why did you start your own business ?

I arrived in London a year ago. I took the time to settle down.

Then, the curiosity and passion of my job led me in observation in a maternity ward. After an investigation with young parents, an increasingly strong network at by my side, launching B comme Baby appeared as an evidence.


What made want to start your own business?

I like challenges and new projects. I have this will to integrate me wherever I am. Also, I am very happy to create a concept that looks like me with an approach quite personal.

What was the hardest about starting the business ?

Finding sleep! It's such a great and exciting adventure. I don't want to leave anything to chance.


Where are you from in France ?

Paris. I love London but I still feel Parisian.



What is your daily skincare routine ?

When I don’t forget I put a thick layer of moisturiser that I leave on all night.


 If you had to choose one beauty or skincare products only to take with you, which one would it be?

No hesitation about this, it would be my cleansing cream by Uriage, it leaves a baby skin.


How do you relax?

I go to the gym at least three times a week, it releases my stress, I feel stronger after. It became an addiction.


Favourite place in London?

Joe and the Juice. I can spend hours working there while eating my spicy tuna or drinking a Green heaven.

 joe and the juice, joe and the juice london

Favourite holiday or travel destination

Wherever! the most important thing is to be with the people I love


 Marie founded BcommeBaby a children and babies service for parents.

You can check her services on her website