Special Cheveux!

Bad Hair Day, moi? Non.

How French Girls Deal/ Avoid Bad Hair Day 

(Hint ditch the blow dryer)
It seems most of the world envy hair à la parisienne which is effortless yet chic.
Organised chaos if you will.
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Stay natural.
Strong hair need strong foundation, meaning less dying your hair, less extreme bleaching and less heat.
In order to get that bed hair look, you must be willing to air dry your hair and ditch the hair dryer most days. We all know that second day hair is the best and with a little help of France best selling dry shampoo (click here to buy), also adored by many many celebrity hairstylists, you can have bed hair days for longer. Just spray dry shampoo, leave for a minute or two, brush out, put in a bun before you have to go out and voila! Messy bed hair.
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Use less extreme treatments 
Less heat, less bleaching leads to less breakage and straw-like hair.
We opt for subtle balayage instead of full head of highlights and use clever mask for colour and shine. Christophe Robin, parisian hairdresser whose clients are Catherine Deneuve and Vanessa Paradis, specialises in hair colour. He's designed a range of hair masks to enhance your hair colour without the extreme chemicals. (Find the range here)
Natural hair care, shampoo and treatments, can help maintain hair colour even lightening it. A trick that has been used for years and years by all my blonde friends is consistently washing their hair with shampoo which contains chamomile (which has a natural lightening effect). Klorane shampoo and conditioner have a high concentration of chamomile and will enhance blond highlights (natural or not) while being kind to your hair.
For extra shine, we rinse our hair with vinegar but not the cooking kind. Vinegar rinse has been around forever, our grandmothers told us about it.
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Create a good foundation for your hair.
As always, prevention and good care really is the best way forward.
Healthy scalp means healthy hair. By treating your scalp and your hair like you take care of your skin, you will see fuller, shinier hair and need to use less products.
Gallinée has launched a range of skincare for hair,  with pre and probiotics and it's so good, it's already in our bathrooms...


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Beautiful hair starts from within.

French women always supplement with vitamins and minerals for everything. And hair is no exception.

Phyto supplement is one the most popular French women and men use and is said to dramatically increase hair quality in 4 weeks (tested and approved by us too).

Obviously hydrate your body consistently, your hair is a living thing that need water as much as your skin.

At night, use haircare to fortify and nourish your hair, just like you would for your skin. 

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If everything else fail you can just twist your hair in a half messy bun, effortless and chic in less than two minutes...