The French Secret For Shiny Hair.


When it comes to hair care, vinegar is one of the first ingredients on the list, a real gift from nature. Its many health and beauty benefits make it an indispensable in a bathroom. Vinegar is indeed very interesting for the scalp and hair thanks to its acetic acid content and its low pH.


It is used mainly as an acid rinse, mixed with water, after washing the hair.

Be careful with the dosage, respecting the right ratio of water to vinegar to make an acid rinse water is very important if you do not want the vinegar to have the opposite effect and end up damaging your hair. It is therefore not a matter of mixing a little vinegar or lemon juice with water «by the nose», but of respecting precise quantities, studied specifically for this use.


 Vinegar cannot strip the scalp and hair of their sebum and other oils, as does a shampoo. The hydrolipidic film is respected. However, the acidic pH of vinegar allows oily molecules to “break”, decompose and migrate elsewhere more easily. Thus, if there is an accumulation of sebum or oily products on the scalp, using vinegar makes it possible to distribute these fatty deposits over the entire hair more easily.


This is useful between two shampoos, if you want to eliminate the accumulation of sebum and oily or oil-based hair products on the scalp, and make them migrate to lengths and tips. Or to refresh the scalp after playing sports, for example. The vinegar will then be used as a spray, mixed with water.


Thanks to its acidic pH, vinegar also benefits length and tips by tightening the cuticles of the hair. When shampooing, the scales open, leaving the hair rough, dry, which become tangled easily. Normally, a conditioner is supposed to have an acidic pH in order to then tighten the scales and make the hair shiny and easier to comb. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. So a last rinse with vinegar is recommended to tighten the cuticles well, and thus preserve the beauty and health of your hair.

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If you want to rinse acid with cider vinegar more regularly, it is advisable to increase the pH to about 4. Because using something too acidic too often can gnaw the scales of the hair.

To reach a pH of 4, mix 1 dose of vinegar with 48 doses of water (30ml or 2 tablespoons for 1.5L for example).

Shampoo and condition as usual, add the vinegar rinse on your wet hair, leave for a minute and rinse. Then just blow dry as you would usually do et voilà! shiny hair.