The Myth of the Detox

The Myth of the Detox, Dr Marine Vincent answers your questions about the famous Detox. 



Here are some key, science-backed, facts.


1. Can you actually detox?
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but being able to detoxify the body is a myth. 
You can't force your organs to flush away excess and impurities more than they already do. 
The good news is you can get healthier by eating (or drinking) less and better, stop smoking, and exercise. 

2. Can you explain how your body naturally detox? Which organs are involved?
Naturally, your body is a perfectly tuned system with organs able to remove the toxins and excrete them. 
The main detoxifying organs in the body are the liver and kidneys while the skin and even lungs play a minor role in excreting toxins. 

3. How can you support these organs?

The best way to help your body "detoxify" is to support the natural functions of those organs. 
A balanced diet, Mediterranean type (olive oil, Seafood and fish, Legumes (like lentils or chickpeas), nuts and seeds, greens, drinking 1 litre of water per day, stop smoking, drinking reasonably, and exercise are the best you can do for your body. 

4. Is perspiration a detox system for your skin?
The main function of perspiration is to decrease body temperature. 
While it is true that you may find small amounts of metals in sweat, the liver and kidneys remove far more toxins than sweat glands. The belief that sweat can cleanse the body is also a myth.
5. How can you support your skin further?
The best way to support your skin to stay healthy and keep its properties of protection is to cleanse it !
Use gentle cleansers which are respecting the acidic PH of the skin. 
Use double cleansing for your face. 
Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead cells and unclog your skin. 
Moisturize and wear an adapted SPF. 
Another great way to help your body functions is to introduce to your routine body brushing. 
On top of exfoliating the superficial layer of the skin, it will increase circulation and blood flow, and stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system. 
A win win easy routine. 

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