Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation

Introducing Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation at Our Pharmacy


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Welcome to The French Pharmacy, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to our valued customers. We are excited to announce the launch of a new service that will enhance our commitment to patient care and convenience. As part of our continuous efforts to improve healthcare accessibility, we are introducing Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation, a unique service that allows our qualified pharmacists to provide prescription medications directly to our customers. This innovative service aims to streamline the healthcare process, reduce waiting times, and ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Benefits of Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation:

1. Enhanced Patient Care:
With Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation, patients will have the opportunity to consult directly with a highly trained pharmacist who can prescribe medications based on their specific needs. This one-on-one consultation will enable pharmacists to provide personalized care, address any concerns or questions, and tailor treatment plans accordingly. By working closely with patients, our pharmacists can optimize medication therapy and promote better health outcomes.

2. Improved Accessibility:
We understand that accessing healthcare services can sometimes be challenging, especially for individuals with busy schedules or limited mobility. By introducing Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation, we aim to improve accessibility by reducing the need for multiple appointments with different healthcare providers. Patients can now conveniently consult with our qualified pharmacists, saving time and effort while receiving comprehensive care in one location.

3. Timely Medication Dispensing:
Traditionally, patients would visit a physician for a prescription, followed by a separate trip to the pharmacy for medication dispensing. This process often leads to delays and increased wait times. With Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation, our pharmacists can assess patients' healthcare needs, prescribe appropriate medications, and dispense them on the spot. This integrated approach ensures prompt medication access, reducing waiting times and enhancing convenience for our patients.

4. Medication Therapy Management:
Pharmacists are medication experts, well-versed in understanding drug interactions, side effects, and optimizing treatment plans. Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation allows our pharmacists to take a more active role in managing patients' medication therapy. By prescribing medications and closely monitoring their effects, our pharmacists can provide ongoing support, adjust treatment regimens when necessary, and help patients achieve better medication adherence and overall health outcomes.

How it Works:

1. Scheduling an Appointment by contacting us:

To benefit from the Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation, patients can schedule an appointment by calling our pharmacy or emailing us: Our staff will assist in booking a convenient time slot for the consultation.

2. Consultation Process:
During the consultation, patients will have the opportunity to discuss their medical conditions, symptoms, and any concerns they may have. Our pharmacists will conduct a thorough assessment, review medical histories, and recommend appropriate treatment options. If necessary, the pharmacist may prescribe medications that align with the patient's individual needs.

3. Medication Dispensing:
Following the consultation, prescribed medications can be conveniently obtained directly from our pharmacy. Our knowledgeable staff will provide detailed instructions on how to take the prescribed medications and offer any additional counseling required.

4. Follow-Up Care:
We value the importance of continuity of care. Our pharmacists will schedule follow-up appointments as needed to assess treatment progress, address any questions or concerns, and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Patients can feel confident knowing that our pharmacists are committed to their ongoing health and well-being.

At The French Pharmacy, we believe that Pharmacist Prescriber Consultation is a game-changer in the field of healthcare. By integrating the expertise of our qualified pharmacists with the convenience of prescription dispensing, we are proud to offer an enhanced level of patient care and accessibility. We look forward to serving our community and ensuring

The price is £75 + medication if required

Who are pharmacist prescribers?

A pharmacist independent prescriber (PIP) is a pharmacist who has completed the relevant approved education and training to add an annotation to their entry in the register. A PIP may prescribe all medicines independently for any condition within their scope of practice and clinical competence. The exceptions to this are the controlled drugs. 

Pharmacist prescribers are responsible and accountable for their decisions and actions. This will include when they prescribe and for the prescriptions they sign.