Durance - Vanilla-Ylang Home Perfume 100ml


Durance - Vanilla-Ylang Home Perfume


Perfume your interior with gourmet scents thanks to the vanilla ylang room fragrance.

Just a few sprays are enough to instantly and lastingly embalm your cocoon with subtle and delicate aromas.


Vanilla, a treasure that has always seduced perfume creators, comes in a rich palette of sweet notes of vanilla pods and crystals and cooler notes of ylang ylang essence. Vanilla, rich as velvet, reveals its facets that coat the fragrance as the candle burns.

With its traditional master perfumers from Grasse, true goldsmiths of perfumery, Durance has created a perfume of ylang vanilla like a real olfactory jewel.

Quickly discover our essential  vanilla  fragrance which reveals a delicate and deep trail.

Perfume notes: 

Gourmands / Sweet / Warm

Top notes:

Vanilla flowers / Heliotrope flowers

Heart notes:

Vanilla / Praline

Background notes:

Vanilla bean / Caramel


Alcohol Denat, Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance).

Alcohol 79.7% vol


Shipping restriction:

This product can only be shipped to UK and European Destinations

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