Sterimar - Nasal Spray Hayfever 50ml


Sterimar - Nasal Spray Hay Fever



Sterimar isotonic nasal spray is a pure sea water spray that gently moisturises and clears blocked, dry and stuffy nasal passages. It helps to relieve nasal congestion that is affiliated with sinusitis, blocked nose, hayfever, allergies, colds and post-operative nasal care. Approx 300 standard sprays. Its gentle micro diffusion spray is delivered through a nozzle that fits nearly any nose, including a babys. Sterimar has no preservatives and is drug-free, ideal for all the family.

How to use:

For easy breathing and to moisturise the nasal lining: Keeping the head straight, gently put the nozzle in the nostril. Spray once or twice in each nostril. Let any excess solution flow out and then blow your nose.

For a deeper cleansing of the nasal cavaties: Keeping the head tilted to one side, gently put the nozzle in the upper nostril. Dispense a prolonged spray. Let any excess solution flow out and then blow your nose.

After each use, clean the nozzle in hot water and dry.


Sterimar Hayfever & Allergy Relief is an isotonic solution made from 100% natural micro-filtered sea water enriched with Manganese.

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