Al Bara - Pierre d'Alun Deodorant 120g


Al Bara - Pierre d'Alun Deodorant


The Alum stone has been used since ancient times for its numerous applications. This small stone is a natural mineral that is respectful of your skin and the environment! Natural, Al Bara Alum Stone is full of beneficial virtues for the skin. The Alum stone is applied directly to the skin. Fragrance-free, it leaves no odor after application. 100% natural, it contains no fragrance or preservatives to offer you the best care. It's a zero-waste beauty accessory!

Used as a deodorant, Al Bara Alum Stone leaves no traces on clothes and promises no odors. It can also be used to stop bleeding from small cuts after shaving. The virtues of Al Bara Alum Stone don't stop there; it can be used for its astringent properties to tighten your skin pores. Additionally, being antibacterial, it fights against the proliferation of bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors from sweating or contribute to the appearance of acne.

How to use:

Use the genuine Al Bara Alum Stone on clean, dry skin. Moisten it and apply it to the desired area. It can be used under the armpits, on the face, or even on the body in case of cuts. Rinse after use and let it dry.


Potassium alum

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