Calpol - Vapour Plug With Nightlight


Plug in the CALPOL Vapour Plug & Nightlight to release soothing lavender and camomile vapours that comfort your child through the night and help to clear & ease breathing for up to 8 hours.

Its soft, blue nightlight provides a gently reassuring glow, as well as guiding you in the room so you can avoid disturbing your child while they rest.

  • Plugs into standard UK household sockets.
  • Nightlight is only activated when the lights go out.
  • Vapour Plug Refill Pads available in 5 Pack and 10 Pack, and each refill lasts up to 8 hours
  • Soothing night-time comfort for your child
  • From 3 months.
  • Non-medicine

The CALPOL Vapour Plug & Nightlight is suitable to use with any CALPOL medicines.

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