Durance - Patchouli Perfumed Candle 180g


Durance - Patchouli Perfumed Candle


Thanks to its powerful and deep notes, the patchouli candle will enchant your interior with its incomparable fragrance for nearly 40 hours. 

The components of the patchouli candle  have been carefully selected to obtain the best quality of burning and diffusion of the fragrance which will embalm your rooms with rich and precious scents in just a few minutes.

Our patchouli candle was cast in our workshops in Grignan, in Drôme Provençale and was then decorated by expert hands, who, in a succession of quick and precise gestures, place the candle's dressing and its label. The final touch, the installation of the raffia ribbon and the making of the knot, sign each Durance candle in a unique way.

All the facets of patchouli united in the same perfume. From the freshest, almost aromatic notes to the most sensual, spicy, amber and woody notes.

Imagined by our master perfumers from Grasse, the almost bewitching Patchouli fragrance reveals an extremely rich trail.

Quickly discover our patchouli candle which offers you 40 hours of intense escape.

The notes of the patchouli candle:

Wooded / Warm / Intense

Top notes:

Bergamot / Clary sage

Heart notes:

Labdanum / Pine / Patchouli

Background notes:

Amber / Vanilla / Cedar


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This product can only be shipped to UK and European Destinations

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