Durance - Pine In Provence Scented Bouquet Diffuser 100ml


Durance - Pine In Provence Scented Bouquet Diffuser


The emblematic Pine of Provence through an aromatic fragrance with woody and resinous accents like a walk in the pine forest.

Find the resinous and woody notes of the pine in provence perfume.

The pine en provence diffuser will envelop you in its delicate trail for almost a month of intense diffusion.

A real decorative object with its rattan stems delicately arranged in its pretty glass bottle, our diffuser will soak up the fragrance and release it constantly by capillarity.

"Then the magic began...: Beautiful pines dominated a thick scrubland, at the bottom to the right of the rocky paths, a steep slope ended in the sky, at the bottom of the valley a stream!" (M.Pagnol)

Close your eyes, and let yourself be lulled by the resinous and woody accents of the Provence pine scent. The mistral rushes into the pine forest and refreshes the hot sun with its aromatic scents in the shade of the majestic pines of Provence.

In collaboration with the master perfumers of Grasse, Durance has created unique scents that will transport you on a wonderful olfactory journey.

Among these evocative scents, find of course our iconic  pine in Provence perfume, a true ode to Provence.

Perfume notes:

Softwoods / Wooded / Aromatics

Top notes:

Green apple / Galbanum / Essence pine

Heart notes:

Fir / Cyclamen / Raspberry

Background notes:

Moss/White cedar/Sandalwood


Alcohol denat, Perfume (fragrance).

Alcohol 81.73% vol

Shipping restriction:

This product can only be shipped to UK and European Destinations

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