Durance - Vanilla-Ylang Scented Bouquet Diffuser 100ml


Durance - Vanilla-Ylang Scented Bouquet Diffuser


The Duration of the Perfumed Bouquet: Refined and elegant, this Perfumed Bouquet, a fragrance diffuser, will adorn your interior while constantly releasing soft and sunny notes. Delicately placed in the bottle, the rattan sticks become saturated with perfume through capillary action, gradually releasing it over several weeks.

THE VANILLA-YLANG PERFUME: Solar and exotic notes of vanilla and ylang reminiscent of sunny beaches, sand, and salt. Vacation vibes!

THE NOSE BEHIND THE PERFUME: Vanilla is intertwined with Ylang-Ylang flower along an exotic beach. Room: Living Room, Bedroom Season: Autumn-Winter Family: Fruity and Gourmand Atmosphere: Enchanting/Comforting"


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