Holidermie - Absolute Face & Body Balm 140ml


Holidermie - Absolute Face & Body Balm


The Baume absolu REPAIR contains a concentrate of powerful soothing and repairing active ingredients to meet the immediate (re)comforting needs of sensitive and/or weakened skin. Formulated and tested under medical dermatological conditions, its ultra-calming texture provides effective and long-lasting relief for localized sensitized areas.


- Immediately soothes feelings of discomfort and inflammation

- Repairs and accelerates the healing process

- Restores the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the skin barrier

How to use:

Apply once or twice a day to localized sensitive areas.

Safety precautions

Not to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Adult use only.


Recognized for its moisturizing properties, Hyaluronic Acid is absorbed deep into the skin where it strengthens cellular repair systems by improving cell cohesion and boosting collagen synthesis.

This, in turn, accelerates the healing process, especially when the skin is damaged. Hyaluronic Acid also strengthens the natural defenses of the skin by stimulating the release of antibacterial peptides.

Bisabolol is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient with healing and antiseptic properties, extracted from essential oil of Candeia, a tropical tree from Brazil. Bisabolol inhibits mediators of inflammation, thereby soothing sensitive skin.

Arnica has proven anti-inflammatory properties, inhibiting one of the main mediators of the immune response involved in inflammatory processes. Soothes the skin and relieves redness. Also exerts antibacterial and antioxidant effects.


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