Holidermie - Collagen Cacoa Cubes


Holidermie - Collagen Cacoa Cubes

42 Cubes


Holidermie launches HoliBeauty FoodTM, a new range of products combining taste pleasure, wellness and anti-aging skin care. 

Enriched with collagen, the Protein and antioxidant cocoa cubes provide the skin with a preventive action on the loss of firmness and the production of free radicals. 

Each bite offers a cocktail of vitamin C, minerals and trace elements (magnesium, iron, etc.). 

Made in France, the cubes are made of 85% organic ingredients, certified by Ecocert, and are gluten, lactose and GMOs-free.


Collagen is a protein naturally produced by the body. Constitutive of the dermis, it maintains the integrity of the skin connective tissue, allowing it to maintain its suppleness and firmness.

Recommended daily dose: 5g of collagen.

Raw cocoa contains a significant proportion of theobromine, a mild stimulant that has a well-known positive effect on mood and well-being without any harmful effect on health. In addition to being energizing and delicious, the cocoa bean is rich in antioxidants, precious allies in the fight against cellular aging. Antioxidants notably maintain the good cellular functioning of the organism and fight against free radicals.

Ingredients: Raw cocoa beans*, coconut sugar *, 15% fish collagen, olive oil *, white almonds *, raw cocoa powder*. Cocoa: 31% minimum.

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