Invisibobble - Waver Hair Clip


Invisibobble - Waver Hair Clip

Invisibobble Waver+ Hair Clip.

With unique shape and material, WAVER is comfortable and hair-friendly.

Suitable for all hair types, is perfect for any age & hairstyles!

Antibacterial & antiallergic material (artificial resin), without metal and sharp edges that pull the hair, leaves no traces of grip and does not glide.

Avoid headaches:

A common problem when wearing rubber band in your hair is the headache that is created in many cases, especially in strictly hairstyles. With invisibobble your scalp stays strictly in anatomical position and in hat way you avoid the headache.

Strong handle:

Due to the spiral shape in combination with the elastic material, the invisibobble typically grips the hair and provides a stable handle that gives support in horsetail and comfort.

Prevents broken hair around the handle:

Because of its smooth grip the hair remains intact.

Resistant to water and sweat:

Even for a full beach activities or sports, it will be the perfect solution! Even in wet hair can be easily solved. 

Innovative styling tool:

It can be used for quick and easy in modern hairstyles for every occasion without clips in your hair.


Invisibobble are certified and much healthier than conventional hair bands and as therefore often used by people with allergies.

Ideal for any hair type:

The invisibobble is ideal for all hair types. Whether curly, straight, thick or thin - the invisibobble
always guarantees a healthy and grip in your hair.

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